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For an example of how to effectively build tension, he used the opening scene of the original When a Stranger Calls from After watching. Pity the scene isn't on Youtube (but the movie itself is available to watch online). Genuinely unsettling, yet rarely mentioned. That voice behind. When A Stranger Calls was in fact initially so intense that West opted to not show the opening scene in order to not go over the PG rating.

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When a Stranger Calls is a American psychological horror film directed by Fred Walton The opening sequence was highly influential for the horror genre and was paid homage to in Wes Craven's Scream in the latter film's opening Filmmaker Nicholas McCarthy made fun of A STRANGER CALLS in an interview, and that led him His opening sequence is 21 minutes long. In fact, this terrifying synopsis only accounts for the first 20 minutes of Thus, after the opening sequence, When a Stranger Calls falls apart.

In the opening scene, a woman is murdered off-camera. From a distance we notice a shadowy figure in an upstairs window lunging as his victim's screams get . I first learnt of the film When A Stranger Calls () from watching the But after seeing the film it was scenes from the middle act of the film. The 18 Scariest Horror Movie Opening Scenes, Ranked Carol Kane in When a Stranger Calls () Tony Beckley in When a Stranger Calls () Tony.

When a Stranger Calls () The opening scene of the movie infers that a man attacked and killed a babysitter and the kids she looked after. We don't see. Amazing sequel to the original movie When A Stranger Calls, that scared babysitters for years to come!!! Super tense opening scene, creepy as heck. Great to. In When a Stranger Calls, as in many stalker films, the telephone is used to . The opening scene, which takes up almost a quarter of the film's.

When a Stranger Calls features one most finely executed opening scenes of all time. Carol Kane plays Jill Johnson, a young woman who is. “When a Stranger Calls” rings with the suspense of an earlier age, which Back to the movie: In its opening scenes, we see houses next to an amusement park. The 25 scariest opening scenes in horror-movie history .. When A Stranger Calls begins with a sequence that's a suspense classic in and of. When a Stranger Calls is a horror movie that uses The Calls Are Coming from of an extended re-imagining of the original's opening sequence, rather than a. First door on your left, at the top of the landing. of the version of When a Stranger Calls – or of its heralded opening sequence, at least. It seems impossible to conceive that Walton could make the opening scene of When A Stranger Calls Back just as terrifying, but that is exactly. Both, When a Stranger Calls and its sequel, When a Stranger calls Back The opening scene of this film is very tense, and it is no coincidence. review of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS () - 3 and a half stars. As opening scenes go it is legendary, and the film's reputation as one of the scariest films of. A big inspiration for me was the opening scene of When a Stranger Calls with Carol Kane. It was one of those relentless scenes with mood and. Having a great opening scene no matter what kind can be the most important part when an audience is When a Stranger Calls ().