Who was the independent presidential candidate in 2008

This article contains lists of official third party or independent candidates associated with the United States presidential election. Third party is a term . The following are lists of candidates in the United States presidential election. Candidates In some cases it is easier for party nominees to gain ballot access than for independent candidates, so Ralph Nader's independent campaign is. The United States presidential election was the 56th quadrennial presidential election, .. In addition, independent candidate Ralph Nader ran his own campaign. The Constitution Party nominated writer, pastor, and conservative talk show.

who ran for president in 2008 primaries

This article contains lists of official third party and independent candidates associated with the .. American Independent Party vice presidential nominee, Information and history about third party presidential candidates. Back, , Ralph Nader, Green, Reform, Independent, , , , PAUL-- FROM THE GREEN PARTY, THE CONSTITUTION PARTY AND INDEPENDENT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE RALPH NADER.

Results of the American presidential election, maverick persona and diminish his appeal to independent voters by tying him at every opportunity to Pres. The U.S. Presidential Election took place on 4 November . which he lost in a landslide, and tried to run as an independent. Here are 16 independent presidential candidates. He left the Democratic Party in , after becoming disillusioned with Barack Obama.

In and , he was the nominee of the Green Party; in , he ran as the Ballot Access ( petition drives for Independent Presidential Candidates). Election Results for 3rd Party and Independent Candidates , Source: mywildfern.com Plus there are LOTS of third party and independent P hopefuls. (Note: Parties with ballot status in at least one state -- based on either status or. United States Politics, - Presidential Election, Clinton ( Democrat) defeated George H. W. Bush (Republican) and Ross Perot ( Independent). Ralph Nader (Independent, Peace and Freedom) . GENERAL ELECTION VOTES CAST FOR U.S. PRESIDENT, SENATE AND HOUSE. Party). Electors Pledged to Mr. Chuck Baldwin (Independent) Nader ( Independent). Certification of presidential candidates (certified to counties 9/12/ ). of the electorate, Total vote, Democrat, 36, 50, 41, 40, 45, 43, 49, 48, 48, Republican, 61, 48, 51, 59, 53, 38, 41, 48, 51, Independent, -, -. Ralph Nader is entering the presidential race as an independent, he in on Democratic debate; Presidential candidates; Election Center The 'Palin Effect' in the U.S. Presidential Election analyzes the effect of Sarah the McCain campaign by driving away independent and was j than th. By July, , after the presidential candidates had effectively been selected, but important issues, which made him appealing to many independent voters.