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Artist's Statement

Like a fiddlehead fern, My Wild Fern stems off from the main stalk and unravels into many different leaflets and sub leaflets. The main stalk for My Wild Fern is recycling. My artwork is using 100% recycled post-consumer handmade paper that is made in small batches with a focus on recycling and reducing the amount of waste into my work. Natural Maine materials are added into the paper making process such as wildflower seeds, wood chips, seaweed, locally grown herbs, dried flowers, often times naturally botanically dyed. The handmade paper is then used as accents to larger projects for home decor, stationary that is plantable and jewelry.




About the Artist

The name My Wild Fern came from the love for fiddlehead ferns during spring in Maine. Constantly searching for fiddleheads in the swampy areas of undeveloped river areas and turning up with nothing, one day a friend discovered there were fiddleheads growing right in my family's backyard. I was reminded that sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you, and so the adventure of paper making began, and the love of art was revisited.

Sarah Robinson owner and creator of My Wild Fern studied Art and Psychology, graduating in 2007 with a BA in Psychology. After years had passed, a marriage and a baby, the love for art resurfaced. Local workshops for women and outreach for children programs seemed like a natural fit for her audience, as she is entertaining her 5 year old daughter most of the time. Sarah is also known to be passionate about nature and an outdoor enthusiast. If you aren't finding her creating something, she is with her family gardening, exploring the forest, driving to the nearest ocean or working at the Piscataquis Soil and Water Conservation District.

Contact the Artist

You can find more information about My Wild Fern and follow on Facebook @mywildfern and Instagram #mywildfern. Email at